Sshhhh….Don’t tell anyone…

16th November 2018

You’ve been invited to an exclusive secret discount…don’t tell anyone…


This secret deal entitles you to 20% Off the Pay As You Go Lesson Price from now till 31/12/2018.

You will not be able to find or book this deal anywhere on our website, this is an exclusive secret deal…

To take advantage of this deal please click here and quote ‘PNG20’

We will call you back and we can add the deal onto your account.


Please note this deal ends on 31/12/2018 after which point the lesson prices will return to normal, you can avoid this by buying as many lessons as possible before the prices go back to normal and you will then have 6 months to be able to book them in.

There is no limit to the amount of times you buy this deal, you just have to call us and quote ‘PNG20’ every time you want to buy it again :-)