Instructor Franchises in Leeds

  • Excellent work levels
  • No unpaid cancellations
  • £160 Franchise with Vehicle, Insurance & Maintenance

Join an Instructor Franchise in Leeds

Pass ‘N’ Go’s driving instructor franchise opportunities in Leeds is one of many we have available in the UK.

A few key points of our franchise include:

  • Save over £2000 per year with no unpaid cancellations.
  • Don’t pay for your 1st franchise fees until you have a minimum amount of customers**.
  • Low Franchise fees from only £60 per week or £160 with vehicle, Insurance and Maintenance. Over £3000 per year lower than most of the other national driving school franchises!
  • Joining one of over 200 driving instructors into one of the largest independent driving schools in the UK.
  • Online booking diary system.
  • Full office support available from Monday to Saturday.
  • Personalised business cards and appointment records.
  • Joining one of the most sociable driving schools shown by Facebook.
  • Fully committed driving school striving for customer support excellence and being completely professional at all times.

Contact us today on 0333 207 0663 for any further help or support you need in answering any questions you may have about our driving schools franchise. Our call centre team are ready for your call.

Not a driving instructor yet? Become one by completing your driving instructor training courses in Leeds.

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1 Cancellation per week = Over £2000 Lost income per year

2 Cancellations per week = Over £4000 Lost income per year.

Our driving instructors have no unpaid short notice cancellations with our unique online booking system.

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No unpaid cancellations - Save £2000 per year

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